Ways to gaining more Instagram followers organically

If you are a brand having an Instagram account to grow business, you need to find ways to increasing followers. It is not that easy to gain followers and this holds true to Instagram. There is no need to buy active instagram followers when you have organic ways to growing it. But, you have to devote time and effort into it.

On the business website post your Instagram link

If you have a business website, you need to post link to your Instagram account in the description section. On the other hand, Instagram badges or Instagram-made icons can increase traffic to the online profile.

Add widget to the website

Along with the link to your Instagram account, you can also include the photo gallery featuring latest posts of your Instagram account.

Use other social profiles to gain more followers

In the social media world, cross-promotion is nothing new. Cross-promotion is an efficient way of growing one’s business. Use Face Book and Twitter to gain more followers to the account. Post your Instagram link on other social profiles and ask others to start following you.

Optimizing contests to boost followers

To grow followers, it is important to host contests and optimize them. If you can manage your contests well, it will get easier to attract more followers. Host a photo contest and ask the participants to follow your Instagram account while making it a prerequisite to entering the contest. You can also ask the players to make interesting photos of your brand and the products.

Post everyday and share everyday

Posting frequently and regularly is the obvious way to attract more followers to your account. Sharing posts regularly is related to gaining more followers. If the visitors take a look at the interesting post, there is every probability that they would ‘follow’ you.

To grow Instagram followers, you may even take professional help if you want. 

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